Assignment 04 update

Hello frieeeeends!

So I just got together with Delio, Boris and Nicholas, and we will work together on Assignment #4. Our idea is to bring up the issues on OCAD community, through posters and a blog.

We are currently setting up the blog (Boris is), and Nicholas made posters. I’ll make sure to post it in every OCAD group I have on Facebook, and to hang the posters around OCAD’s area.

Let’s see what we will get!

Cheers o/


Some other blog from some other class

Hey guys! Long time no see!

These weeks have been so crazy I forgot about this blog entirely. Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys a link from another blog I’m also taking part. It’s from a class I’m taking, called “Interactive Communications: Clever Devices”. It’s mainly about screens, interaction and HCI.

Here’s the blog.

I hope you guys find it interesting 🙂

Pre St Patrick’s Day Friday

I’m sorry, I’m just waaaay too excited about my first St Patrick’s day, we don’t celebrate that in Brazil :~

Today’s class is about Twitter, which is great. Is such a different media, it feels like a chat, a Facebook public status, a blog network.

To be honest, it’s been a while since I last used Twitter. I used to log in way more back when I had computer classes, and all of my friends used twitter: we would turn it into a web chat…


A quick update on Assignment 4: we asked Rod to postpone our presentation one week; meanwhile, we will research more on the subject. I don’t want to say much, but we will talk about games, interfaces and apps. We will also try to come up with a few interactive things that will make our lecture less boring (lol).

See ya soon!

Okaaaaaay so

I missed two class now, one after another. To be fair, I had to skip my last one because of a delayed trip (remember snow day?). The other one was my lazy ass fault.

Anywaaaays, for our lecture, we are thinking about technologies that have potential benefits on education. A few examples can be seen on the videos below.

We are currently researching on that. Hopefully it will crate a nice debate 🙂


See ya!

Reading -cof cof- week update

So… everybody knows how reading week is supposed to be a week to study and shit… well, let’s face the truth, who does that?

And when we do, it’s 3 days before the ending of it, IF you have enough assignments that should last two weeks but you’re procrastinating like hell.

Anyways: our Assignment #3 hasn’t had much change, we are still without a profile picture and hidden by a moderator. We will create a new profile and see if we are accepted. If we’re in, we will try to change everything and see how it goes. We are doing this following some of Rod’s suggestions.

See ya next week!

Why and why do I write drafts and forget to post them

At least this one is not very important.


First snowstorm in Canada!

I’m only saying “Yay” cause I’m extra lazy today. And I’ve never experienced this.
Went on the front porch with the girls and we made a snowman and snow angels.

No class! Everything closed. It feels like a sunday.
For Assignment #3, I’m getting together with Lary. I think we will do something with “Mercado Livre” which is like E-Bay, in Brazil.
I don’t know, I’m lazy enough to end this post here… *rolls back to bed and tucks in sheets*